Highland Pipes

So, in town, there’s this local Irish pub that has their own bagpipe band.  Now, the pipers play Highland pipes instead of Uilleann pipes, but that’s likely because they’re a marching band and it would likely be difficult to march with Uilleann pipes… :p

Anyway, I posted on Craigslist the other day, seeking a pennywhistle instructor and/or other locals interested in Irish Traditional Music (ITM), and got a response from one of the drummers in the pipe band.  He hooks me up with the phone number of the lead piper, and two days later I’ve got a lesson schedule and the website for a recommended practice chanter.

That’s right, folks.  I’m learning to play the bagpipes.  My wife is, I’m sure, thrilled. :)


~ by rev.mojo on January 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Highland Pipes”

  1. AWESOME! I want to play bagpipes!

  2. It is my understanding that many pipers give lessons for free, so if you can find one in your town, that should do. You could head over this way for Monday night practice, but you’d have to leave work early… Practice starts at 6 PM.

    Also, pipes are expensive… No way I’m buying a set for a while. Practice chanter will have to do. I ordered one last night from Rocky Mountain Highland Supply (http://www.rmhs.com) for $66. It’s the cheapest of the good ones. Don’t go for the $29 piece from Pakistan. It’s no good. Piper I’ll be learning from basically said avoid all pipes from Pakistan. They’re good to look at, so if you’re just looking to mount something on the wall, they’ll do, but the sound isn’t there.

  3. How’re the lessons coming?

  4. Wow… over a year between posts! And I thought *I* was bad! :)

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